ABOUT Denver Initiative 300

Under Denver Initiative 300, any restaurant or bar (in fact ANY business) can apply for the right to allow marijuana consumption. Under this initiated ordinance, alcohol and marijuana can be consumed together – marijuana can be smoked outside on business rooftops, balconies and behind fenced patios.

Read the entire ordinance here.


It won’t end public consumption of marijuana. Instead it will EXPAND public consumption of marijuana to local restaurants and bars. 

Denver has an acknowledged problem with marijuana smoking in public, particularly in the downtown business and tourist district. However, this initiative will allow businesses to permit outdoor marijuana smoking on fenced patios and rooftops, spreading the problem of public smoking to all parts of the city.


It will expose the public, workers, visitors and neighboring businesses to harmful secondhand marijuana smoke.

Marijuana smoke and aerosols from vape pens contain many of the same cancer-causing chemicals in tobacco smoke. Vaping marijuana will be allowed inside public places where tobacco smoking isn’t allowed by law. Ventilation systems cannot filter out these harmful chemicals.


It sends the wrong message to kids, by taking marijuana mainstream. 

This initiative continues the normalization of marijuana use. More and more Denver kids think that marijuana use is harmless because they see it sold everywhere around them, and soon they will see it consumed everywhere as well. Where there is more marijuana commercialization there is more use, including youth use. Denver youth have one of the highest rates of current marijuana use in the state (over 25%).


It will encourage marijuana consumption in a manner that endangers others. 

This initiative is far reaching and especially dangerous because it would allow the social consumption of marijuana edibles. The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) advises that it can take up to 4 hours after ingesting edible marijuana to reach the peak THC blood concentration and it takes longer for impairment to resolve from edible marijuana. CDPHE concluded “it is necessary for occasional users to wait at least eight hours for impairment to resolve.” A hotel room or a home is the safer choice to consume edible marijuana, not a bar or restaurant.


It will create a dangerous cocktail because it could allow the concurrent consumption of marijuana and alcohol. 

The ability to mix alcohol and marijuana has public health risks that aren’t yet fully understood. CDPHE advises “using alcohol and marijuana at the same time is likely to result in greater impairment than either one alone.” The synergistic effect of combining THC and alcohol creates unacceptable danger on our roads. Because it will allow marijuana consumption away from home in public places, this initiative will likely result in increased DUID, marijuana-related traffic accidents and marijuana-related traffic deaths.


It directly undermines the constitutional prohibition on open and public marijuana consumption.

Just four short years after the passage of Amendment 64, this Denver ballot initiative attempts to reverse the limitations voters agreed to when they legalized the personal use of recreational marijuana. It does this by ignoring the common understanding of “public places” like restaurants and bars. Voters approved Amendment 64 in 2012 believing that marijuana use would be kept out of the public eye and that it would not harm public health and safety. 

Denver Initiative 300 could change our city’s beautiful atmosphere.
Protect Denver’s Atmosphere: Vote No on 300.

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